Sweeter Than Chocolate-Hebrews 11

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Sweeter Than Chocolate-Hebrews 11


Sweeter Than Chocolate: Hebrews 11 teaches the big picture of the Bible using God's summary in Hebrews 11. Often viewed simply as "the faith chapter," Hebrews 11 provides so much more as it propels readers to a quick and clear understanding of the basic biblical story line. This application-rich study meets new students with the basics of inductive study and pushes advanced students to go even further in discovering truth for themselves.  (Six-week study)

Chapters include:

  • Week One: The Secret to Pleasing God
  • Week Two: Our Faithful God Empowers His People
  • Week Three: Are You Living a Bold and Fearless Life?
  • Week Four: Hope for the Rest of Us - God Works in Flawed People
  • Week Five: The Key to Unlocking the Old Testament
  • Week Six: Playing to Win!
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