Portadown Study on Ruth

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Portadown Study on Ruth


Precept Upon Precept Kinsman Redeemer - A Study of the Book of Ruth

Faith Mission Centre, 131 Mahon Road, Portadown BT62 3SF

COST :  £10 (incl. course manual, refreshments, venue)

TIME: 7:30 - 9:00 pm

DATES: 3rd September, 1st October, 5th November and 3rd December

If you were a slave, who would buy your freedom? If you had an enemy, who would come to your defence? In the Old Testament, this buyer-defender known as “kinsman-redeemer” was usually a close relative. If you’re a believer, you already have one - Jesus Christ! This rich study of the Book of Ruth shows how Jesus both bought us (redeemer) and advocates (defends) for us, offering us an opportunity to rebuild our broken lives.

A great short study to introduce friends to a taste of inductive Bible study.

There is some personal study involved in this course.

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