Bible Prophecy For Kids Revelation 1-7

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Bible Prophecy For Kids Revelation 1-7


Are You Ready For Adventure?

Join Max, Molly, and Sam--the amazing beagle-- and become an awesome Bible detective!  In this intriquing mystery, you'll explore the clues and uncover the secrets from the very last book of the Bible.  As we look at Revelation 1-7, you'll discover action-packed events, unusual creatures, and mind-boggling sights.  You'll also find out:

  • what heaven is like
  • what God says to some special churches--and to you
  • what exciting things are going to happen in the future
  • what the fantastic rewards of knowing Jesus are

Wow!  Enjoy the dynamite discoveries, challenging puzzles, and great hands-on activities in this book.  Get ready to have fun and learn how you can live for Jesus today and be prepared for what's to come.

Compelling stories, engaging activities, and puzzles create a study ideal for Sunday school classes and independent study! 

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